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Divorce Of Ex-NBA Star Steve Francis Carries Custody Conditions
Divorce Of Ex-NBA Star Steve Francis Carries Custody Conditions

The divorce of Steve Francis and his estranged wife, Shelby Francis, is final. The parties reached an agreement through mediation in early December of 2016. During the proceedings, Shelby Francis made allegations that Steve suffers from drug abuse. Steve Francis was arrested in November of 2016 for drunk driving and has a history of apparent substance abuse.

Shelby’s divorce petition alleged that Steve has “severe substance issues” and further included a request for the court to order him to undergo random drug and alcohol testing. The petition also alleged that Steve has been in rehab “prior to and during the divorce.” Shelby Francis filed for divorce in June of 2015. The couple’s marriage lasted 11 years.

Francis receives custody of his children, typically on weekends, subject to conditions related to Francis’ substance abuse issues. The court declared that Francis is “permanently” prohibited from using drugs or alcohol within 12 hours before or during his time with the children. Any violation and the court may revoke his custody rights.

Just before Thanksgiving of 2016, Steve Francis was arrested for DUI in Houston. Then shortly thereafter, Florida’s Manatee County issued a warrant for Francis’s arrest on a burglary charge after receiving the news of his Texas DUI hearing. The Florida charge stems from an incident in Bradenton, Florida that took place in June of 2016. Francis was also once accused of stealing thousands of dollars of jewelry from a parked car among many other transgressions.

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