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Don’t Badmouth the Ex
Don’t Badmouth the Ex

Nobody can get under your skin like your soon-to-be or already ex.

The marriage was practice for him or her to learn every way to annoy you. To perfect the tactics they know will get the biggest response and now they’re unleashing them during the divorce.

You know it. Your friends know it. And you’ve damn well made sure your extended family knows it.

But you know who doesn’t need to know? Your kids.

Too many parents push their unresolved issues on their children. Or worse, they actively try to sabotage their kids against their other.

While it may feel cathartic at first, that mentality will cause you innumerable problems in the future.

Kids need the support and love of both of their parents. If they feel that one doesn’t care, the children will find other modes of acceptance, not all of which are positive.

According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, men of divorced parents are “48% more likelyto have smoked at least 100 or more cigarettes when compared with men whose parents stayed married.” That number dipped slightly to 39% for women. Sadly, that trend carries over to marijuana use and drinking as well.

Not everything is about the health of the children, however. Some of it is simply logistics.

Parenting isn’t easy. You’re going to need all the allies you can muster. If you’ve perpetuated the issues from the failed marriage through your kids, you could lose your biggest teammate in the endeavor.

Lastly, you have to remember that this is the perfect time to set a great example for your children.

They are going to face difficult times in their future where things may not have been fair or someone intentionally harmed them mentally, emotionally or physically. If you can put your strongest foot forward during a divorce, it will show them that there are better ways to handle adversity.

And that’s a lesson that will serve them well over the entire course of their lives.

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