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Election Day: Mistakes to Avoid at the Polls
Election Day: Mistakes to Avoid at the Polls

There’s no doubt the lines will be long at the polls on Election Day, whether it’s because of the historically long ballot or people showing up early to try to miss the expected rain later today in Central Florida. Orlando Business Journal reports.

As you prepare to wait in those long lines today, here are some tips put together by to help avoid a mistake at the polls:

Know where to vote: Find out where your polling place is on Election Day. Find your local Supervisor of Elections to see where to vote.

Study sample ballot prior to going: Be sure to read and understand your ballot prior to going and voting.

Don’t forget your ID: Be sure to bring two forms of ID, including a photo ID and a signature identification.

Avoid the rush: Try to vote during mid-morning or mid-afternoon to avoid the long lines.

View Florida election results as they are reported by Supervisors of Elections to the Florida Department of State’s Division of Elections at Florida Election Watch. Florida election results will be released on election night, November 6, 2012 at 8 pm Eastern to accommodate voting in the Central time zone counties in Florida.