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Family Law Issues & Social Conservatism
Family Law Issues & Social Conservatism

Many people are starting to wonder if social conservatism is dead. According to an article written by W. James Antle, III for The Week website, many people follow the “do what you feel” methodology and Gallup continues to provide support for the idea that conservatives are on the decline.

Initially a poll revealed that the percentage of Americans that identify themselves as socially liberal is equal to those that are social conservatives. Further surveys reported that more people were moving left on “key moral issues,” which includes hot topics such as same-sex issues to embryonic stem-cell research.

Even on the issue of abortion, which most Americans hold traditionally conservative views, Gallup found that the pro-choice viewpoint outnumbers the pro-life stance in the first time in seven years.

So, does all this data really mean that social conservatism is dead? According to Antle’s article, the “demise of social conservatism in American politics is frequently predicted, but somehow it never happens. This is partly because social conservatism is a relative term.”

Issues that were once deemed to be socially conservative are no longer so. For example, accepting women in the workplace has gone from being a highly liberal viewpoint to commonplace. And yet, social conservatism still exists. The definition of what constitutes a conservative viewpoint has and will always continue to change.

We can probably depend on certain hot topics to always be issues that are associated with social conservatism. For example, issues that deal with religion or abortion will always be hotly debated.

Whether you consider yourself conservative or liberal, it is important to understand that when it comes to family, same-sex or traditional, acting out of love is the most important thing. Thus, whether you are facing divorce, custody or support disputes, we are here to help.

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