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Father Quits His Job to be at His Son’s Game
Father Quits His Job to be at His Son’s Game

Michael Roth, son of David Roth, pitches for the South Carolina Gamecocks in college baseball.  After missing his son’s winning game in 2010 David vowed he would never miss his son pitch for the College World Series again if the team made it back.  He did what most parents wouldn’t even dream of to keep that vow.

David Roth is a 57 year-old college graduate and has been working at a car dealership selling Volkswagens and Audis in Greenville, S.C. for some time.  Last year in 2010 he was unable to get time to make it out to Omaha to see the College World Series that his son was playing in.  This year he faced a similar dilemma when his job failed to offer him personal time to go see his son play.  David decided to keep his promise both to himself and his son over keeping his job.

Michael Roth, David’s son, has not allowed an earned run in 37 1/3 innings for South Carolina, and his ERA for the season is 0.97. As a result of his success, the Cleveland Indians made him a 31st-round pick in the June draft. Roth is unsigned so far, but even if he signs, he doesn’t get many guarantees professionally. His career could be over quickly. It could be over this week.

Perhaps it was a keen insight to treasure the moments that David had now with his son that he may never get back that ultimately lead him to make his decision.

Michael Roth announced it on Twitter the Saturday before the big game:

How’s this for dedication? My dad had to quit his job to make it out to Omaha. Couldn’t get here last year. #novacationdays

Father’s Day yesterday.  I’m glad that he’s here. It’s been pretty cool having my family here… My dad’s been a huge inspiration for baseball for me,” he continued, “It’s definitely nice to have him out here.”

In this tight economy it’s easy to loose sight of what’s really important with the worry of finances weighing heavy on one’s mind.  However reckless, David saw the chance to be with his son at an important point in his life as something more than a paycheck.  Michael was asked if he was worried about his father, “No, he’ll be OK,” he said, “Gamecock Nation will help us out.”

Orlando Attorney Jeffrey Feulner and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm see the bond between a father and child as unlike any other.  We encourage parents to make time, as they are able, to foster this bond with their children.