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Fatherhood, Divorce, and Child Custody | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney
Fatherhood, Divorce, and Child Custody | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

What Are Some Issues Surrounding Child Custody?

What should I consider, when thinking about child custody arrangements?

As a father, what issues should you be concerned with when it comes to child custody? If possible, you and your spouse should sit down with your Orlando divorce attorneys, and discuss what your lives will look like after the divorce. Will she need to give up being a stay-at-home mom, and rejoin the workforce? Will this affect how much time she can spend with the kids? Will you need to take extra hours at work? Making sure you are on the same page is important.

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Jeffrey Feulner: “The first thing that they need to consider is reality. Realistically, what type of schedule can they actually do? What will work for them? Also, considering the reality of what is life going to look like after you separate from your spouse, when you’re in two different households. Even if you have a stay-at-home wife, the minute that you separate those two households, she is generally going to have to go out and find a job and start working. She’s going to have a work schedule, as well. We really have to craft something based on what the future reality’s going to look like and also remembering that there are many times that parents are going to be able to spend time with their children that aren’t necessarily their designated days. Children are involved in all kinds of activities and each parent in the state of Florida has a right to continue to be a part of those activities, go to their extra-curriculars, go to their schools and spend time there and be involved in other ways.”