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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Online Shoppers
Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Online Shoppers

Not sure if you will make it to the store this weekend for Father’s Day shopping? Everything PR recently compiled a list of some great websites to choose the perfect gift for Father’s Day without ever leaving your house.  The first recommendation is a simple Amazon gift card.  These can be bought at the last minute because they can be emailed in any amount between $5 and $5,000 to the recipient.  Amazon is also showcasing its own Father’s Day gift idea site, so that friends and family members can choose from gifts like the Kindle, Nokia Smartphones, or Black & Decker Power Tools.

Everything PR also recommended for their selection of Father’s Day e-cards.  If you can’t send a handwritten card, this might be a quick and easy option.  There are over 80 different designs available, and you can personalize each card with your own message.

For more elaborate gifts, Everything PR listed for a nice selection of food and wine assortments.  There are over 70 options available, but shoppers are warned that some assortments will sell out before Father’s Day.  If you would rather make your own gift basket, is great for picking your own theme, basket, and gifts to personalize your Father’s Day present.  This website also lets you set your own budget so that you can make a nice gift basket in an affordable price range.