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First Down Fathering
First Down Fathering

Kick-off is this week. Before you settle in on the couch and update your fantasy roster, get some gametime strategies for your fathering.

Remember the fundamentals. Just like in football, where attention to the fundamentals makes the difference in a winning season, you develop a winning relationship with your children by executing the basic fundamentals: your time, attention, and loving discipline

Never give up. During the course of a football season, there are many ups and downs, but the most successful teams persevere to the end. You may have seasons with your children that make you question your fathering skills. Just remember that perseverance produces character, which produces hope. Your children will pick up on your unconditional love.

Hone your skills. The best athletes are always conditioning to give themselves an advantage on the field. Likewise, you can continually hone your skills with resources from NFI – like the 24/7 Dad™ Interactive CD-ROM.

Call a time out. Feel disconnected from your kids? Call a time out and huddle to get everyone on the same page. Sometimes, just stepping back and spending an afternoon together or taking a break from the same old routine can really help you grow closer.

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