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Florida Trend Magazine Ranks the Men’s Divorce Law Firm in Top 100 Places to Work in Florida
Florida Trend Magazine Ranks the Men’s Divorce Law Firm in Top 100 Places to Work in Florida

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm is proud to have been included in Florida Trend Magazine’s Top 100 Companies to Work for in FloridaWhen selecting the top companies to work for, the Florida Trend Magazine states, “[winning companies] don’t necessarily pamper their employees, but they value them highly – and find ways to show it.”  This is one of the many reasons the Men’s Divorce Law Firm has been ranked as the 23rd best small company to work for in the state of Florida.

Managing Attorney, Jeffrey Feulner, started the Men’s Divorce Law Firm seven years ago.  His 14 employees are all women. He says that didn’t happen by design: When he fills a job he looks for a certain type of person — family-first employees who are eager to volunteer in the community.  “I feel like it’s really important to create an environment, a culture, where the primary focus is on the individual and their family life as opposed to the product we’re creating,” Feulner says.  He goes on to admit that “there are ways that I could personally be more profitable as the lone shareholder of the firm, but I feel a great responsibility to my employees.”

Click here to read the featured article written by Art Levy at Florida Trend Magazine.

Straight from the Men’s Divorce Law Firm Staff!!!

Case Manager, Adriana Ruiz:  “I love my job because I get to work with amazing people in an excellent working environment led by an amazing boss.  What more can I ask for?”

Paralegal, Jaime James:  “The thing I love most about my job is the ability to remote access and work from home when needed.  It makes it easier to be both a single mother and a successful career woman.”

Legal Assistant, Veronica Diaz:  “Attorney Feulner really takes care of his staff.  He always makes sure we have what we need to do our job and let’s not forget the snacks and food in the break room he provides.  In our service field, it’s amazing what those cookies and candies will do after a long day!”

Paralegal, Jennifer Bunting:  “Each day when I come to work, I feel like I am really making a difference in our clients’ lives.  I love what our firm stands for and the continuous efforts we all make to bring fairness to Husbands and Fathers.

Client Relations Manager, Natalie Ramirez:  “I love the fact that Attorney Feulner does not limit an employee’s contributions merely to their job title.  In the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, your role is as big as you would like to make it and there is so much room for growth and opportunity.  I am very proud to be an employee of such an understanding and goal-oriented company.”

Case Manager, Kelly Hill:  “It is so refreshing to be working for such a family-friendly law firm.  Unlike many other firms, I always know that I can bring my daughter into work if an emergency arises.”

Juris Doctor, Jean Moses:  “We provide a very specific and focused service and we know exactly what our mission is.  It’s not a piecemeal law firm; we are here to advocate for Husbands and Fathers.”

Associate Attorney, Amber Hill: “Attorney Feulner fosters a very flexible working environment and I love that our legal team will stay as late as needed to get the job done.”

Receptionist, Shannon Purcell:  “I really enjoy the friendliness of the staff and the ambiance of our working environment.”