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Former Orlando Husband and Wife Post Divorce Selfie on Facebook
Former Orlando Husband and Wife Post Divorce Selfie on Facebook

There are prom selfies, engagement ring selfies, belfies — but divorce selfies? Divorce selfies aren’t something we come across every day. Brittany Wong reports for The Huffington Post.

Orlando, Fla. residents Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight posted a selfie after receiving their divorce docs and ending their three-year marriage last Thursday.

“Here’s to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable. We smile not because it’s over, but because it happened,” Keith wrote under a photo of the former couple beaming outside of the court room.

Keith, 36, said the pair realized the selfie might seem a little off-color, but that ultimately it has set the tone for family and friends who might find interacting with the newly divorced couple awkward. The selfie speaks for itself: there’s no bitterness here, just love.

“Michelle and I have a good sense of humor about this,” Keith told the Huffington Post via email. “And we also wanted to let people know that this didn’t have to be a negative experience. We are choosing to move forward with love. We’ve been separated a year, and throughout that time, we’ve both been committed to preserving our friendship.”

The post-split selfie has so far racked up 132 “likes,” plenty of positive replies from Facebook friends — and a few confused ones, too. (“Bahaha. Funny pic! Congrats? What do I say here?,” one friend wrote.)

The couple says they’re game for whatever feedback may come their way.

“Friends and family have always thought we were a bit unconventional with this process,” Michelle, 35, said. “They first balked at our dog custody arrangement, which requires us to see each other each weekend with the dog! But ultimately, I think they are proud of how we are handling things. It makes it easier on our friends for us to be friendly — there’s no need to choose sides.”

And though the marriage was short-lived, Keith says he’s just glad it happened.

“To share that kind of bond with another is one of the most divine gifts given to us,” he said. “I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to love and be loved in return. I truly smile because I lived in that beautiful sunlight of love for a bit.”

An amicable divorce is possible as Keith and Michelle show us. Let the Men’s Divorce Law Firm help guide you through the process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced Orlando family lawyer.