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Four Myths and Truths About Men’s Rights in Divorce
Four Myths and Truths About Men’s Rights in Divorce

Getting a divorce is not only stressful, it can also be confusing. If you’re a man going through a divorce or custody battle, you might read a lot of conflicting information. Some say it’s OK to deny visitation when you’re late on a child support payment or that the mother automatically gets primary custody. That’s why it pays to retain the services of a lawyer like Jeffrey Feulner, men’s divorce lawyer. Learn the truth about common myths surrounding a man’s rights in divorce.

1. You Can Lose Visitation If You Fall Behind on Child Support

If you fail to pay child support, many believe the mother can block your visitation rights, viewing your payments as a condition for you to see your children. However, this is not true, as the court’s view visitation and child support as different issues. To actually block visitation, the mother must take you to court again. To understand how this affects you, talk with Jeffrey Feulner, Orlando divorce lawyer.

2. You Lose Everything When You Commit Adultery

In many jurisdictions, a marriage serves as an economic partnership, one that divorce dissolves. These jurisdictions view adultery as bad conduct outside of the partnership and ignore such things in deciding how to split marital estates. Only a transfer of marital estate in the adulterous relationship allows the issue to appear in the case.

3. You Can Deny Your Spouse a Divorce

Before the advent of the no-fault divorce, one spouse had the power to block the dissolution of the marital relationship, concocting ingenious ways to keep the relationship together, most often because of money. That changed in 1970 when California stripped that power away and gave a spouse the freedom to leave a marriage without assigning fault. Now, a spouse may stall the process but not block it. Abuse in a marriage may be discussed as a quick resolution to fault, and a Jeffrey Feulner’s domestic violence cases have borne out innocence in many situations.

4. You Will Always Lose Custody to the Mother

While it is true that over 90% of divorces end with a custodial mother and a father paying support, this does not make the outcome automatic. A majority of those cases resulted in such an arrangement because of mutual agreement between the couple. You can fight for custody if you feel like it’s in the best interests of your children.