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“Friends” Co-Creator Getting Divorced After 31 Years
“Friends” Co-Creator Getting Divorced After 31 Years

Anybody born in the 1980s or before remembers Friends. Even if you weren’t an avid viewer, the show permeated popular culture to such a degree that it was unavoidable.

Unfortunately for co-creator Marta Kauffman, a divorce was unavoidable as well.

Kauffman has been married to Michael Skloff for 31 years. That’s an amazing run for any relationship, even if it ends prematurely. The pair seems to have worked out their differences regarding a divorce settlement, and the details of it have numbers big enough to make your head spin.

According to TMZ, Kauffman receives a multi-million dollar residual check every year for her work on Friends. The agreement calls for her to hand over a quarter of that check as soon as she receives it, although the remaining sum should be plenty to live on.

Kauffman has enjoyed an incredible run of success in Hollywood. Aside from Friends, she has created or co-created eight more shows, been named a producer or executive producer on seven others, and has two other writing credits.

Of those shows, Grace and Frankie is the only one that is currently on the air. All money earned through that venture will be Kauffman’s to keep. She also gets to keep her residual checks from JoeyDream On and Veronica’s Closet.

The couple owned four different homes as well. Kauffman will keep three, including a beach house in Malibu.

Skloff didn’t come out of the deal with anything to be upset about. He will receive that 25% check from Kauffman annually as well as keeping the residual checks he earned from writing the theme song for Friends, which was a hit in its own right. Skloff also worked on a number of Kauffman’s other shows and has a total of nine music credits, according to IMDB.

The situation was resolved in a manner that benefitted both parties adequately. They each saved untold amounts of money by coming to the table and finding an agreement.

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