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“Grey’s Anatomy” Star Going Through Divorce
“Grey’s Anatomy” Star Going Through Divorce

The long-running television powerhouse, Grey’s Anatomy, will continue marching on, but at least one long-running character’s real-life marriage won’t be.

Jane McKidd, the wife of Kevin McKidd, has filed for divorce from the actor more famously known as Dr. Owen Hunt on the hit show. They were married for almost 17 years when she hit the courthouse. She is seeking joint custody of their children (all teenagers) and spousal support in an unspecified amount.

Kevin McKidd has enjoyed considerable success over his 20-year acting career. He was born in Scotland, kicking off his big-screen experience with the role of Tommy in the critically acclaimed movie Trainspotting.

He continued to pick up jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, including a part in Kingdom of Heaven. Also among his 56 acting credits was his role as a Roman solider in the HBO series Rome.

But nothing stands above Grey’s Anatomy in his filmography. The ABC drama is entering its 13th season and provided McKidd the opportunity to make his directorial debut during the seventh season.

That level of success will come with a price now, though. The courts will look at a variety of factors when considering his wife’s request for spousal support, and a joint-custody agreement wouldn’t necessarily save him from paying child support too.

There are different forms of alimony in Florida. The court has a lot of discretion to determine the amount and time frame of the payments.

The factors that go into the decision are numerous too. The judge can consider how long the marriage lasted, the standard of living during the marriage, the contributions of the parties during the union, the economic situations of each spouse moving forward, and anything else the court deems relevant.

In this instance, while Kevin will certainly have been the major breadwinner, Jane’s attorneys will be sure to argue her work on the home front and in raising the children. If Kevin’s career success was partially aided by her contributions, he’ll likely have to agree to some form of alimony.

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