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Helping Your Kids Get Through End of the Year Exams
Helping Your Kids Get Through End of the Year Exams

The end of the school year can be a very stressful time for kids of all ages because of final exams.  Whether your kids are in middle school, high school, or college, there are several ways you can help out as a parent to make this time easier for your children.  We have gathered 5 tips, including a few from All Pro Dad, that describe specific actions parents can take to ease exam pressures their kids are facing.

1.  Make sure your kids are prepared. A few days before the test, check in with your child and offer to quiz them on difficult material or help them brainstorm unique studying techniques (flash cards, mnemonic devices, repetition, etc.) that will help them memorize all the material they need to know.

2. Keep your kids relaxed. If your children have been studying for a long time, offer to take them out for ice cream or for a quick visit to the park to give them a break.  This will refresh them for when they go back to studying later.

3. Remind your kids that you care. Try to pick up the slack on your kid’s chores for the week if they have an exceptionally hard test to study for.  Explain to them that you know that studying can be tiring, but you are there to support them by making their workload easier for the week.  If you have a child off at college, send a care package full of tasty snacks and letters of encouragement to remind your son or daughter that you are thinking of them from home.

4. Make sure your kids do not sacrifice their health for studying. Even though getting a good grade should be important to your child, you should remind your kids that staying healthy is just as important.  Your child will likely do poorly on an exam if they pull an all-nighter to study longer rather than get some much needed rest.  Encourage your kids to stop studying at a reasonable hour and go to bed early.  Offer up the idea of helping them through a quick review in the morning to make up for the time they lose at night.  Also, stock the fridge with plenty of healthy snacks and water so students do not turn to soda and sugary snacks during study periods.

5. Reward your kids after they complete a difficult test. Before your kids get their final grades, take them out to their favorite restaurant or treat them to an afternoon movie to congratulate them on their efforts.  This will help your kids maintain a positive attitude about their performance on exams.

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