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How Can I get Child Support Payments in Florida?
How Can I get Child Support Payments in Florida?

Most divorce court judges believe that divorce should not significantly impact a child’s lifestyle. In other words, both parents have the legal obligation to financially support their child and it is important that they both meet this obligation. If one parent fails to make the court-ordered payments, there are a variety of ways under Florida’s child support enforcement laws to enforce the order.

The Florida Department of Revenue is the state agency that supervises the enforcement of child support orders throughout our state. Below are some examples of the civil and criminal penalties the agency can use to get parents to pay child support:

  • Notifying the parent when a support payment is missed
  • Suspending their Florida driver licenses
  • Seizing tax refunds from the Internal Revenue Service
  • Taking Florida Lottery winnings that exceed $600
  • Seizing support payments from workers’ compensation and reemployment assistance
  • Instructing employers to take support payments from paychecks
  • Placing liens on the parent’s car, boat, or other property
  • Reporting past due child support amounts to credit agencies
  • Freezing bank accounts and/or taking money from bank accounts
  • Filing a lawsuit with the court because the parent did not do what the order says
  • Working with the court to issue a writ, also known as an arrest warrant
  • Collecting medical expenses not covered by insurance


If you are seeking to enforce a child support order or you are defending against an enforcement action, you need the help of an experienced family law attorney who is proficient in Florida’s child support enforcement laws.

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