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How to Survive your Valentine’s Day Breakup
How to Survive your Valentine’s Day Breakup

According to the Chicago Tribune, there are a few tips for surviving the end of a relationship during Valentine’s Day. It can be difficult to see everyone else celebrating with boxes of chocolate and flowers, when you are feeling more alone than ever. Hopefully the following tips will help you survive:

  • Exercise. Holing up in your house can cause further depression. Exercise not only provides physical benefits, but it also improves your emotional well-being. Whether it is going for a jog or doing hot yoga, working hard and building up a sweat can help you put things into perspective and feel great about yourself.
  • Talk it out. Whether you talk to, a best friend or a therapist, talking over what went wrong in the relationship can help. Talking it over can help you come to terms with the relationship being over as well as help you figure out what you want and need in future relationships.
  • Read. Reading a good book can provide an excellent escape from reality. Focusing on something else can not only allow you to escape, but it can feed your mind. Reading is a much healthier means for escape than turning to alcohol or drugs. Plus, a good book won’t lead you to making mistakes like texting or calling your ex and saying things you will later regret!
  • Give of yourself. Volunteering your time and services is an effective way to build self-esteem. Giving to others will bring you happiness and help you readjust your priorities.
  • Focus on the positive. Instead of thinking about losing your ex, be grateful for all the people who love you. Take the extra time you are likely to have to do something you have wanted to do. Go on a vacation, take an art class, or whatever else makes you happy.

Finally, it is important to realize that most everyone has gone through at least one tough breakup and survived. And, if you want to buy yourself a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a big bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day, we say you deserve it!!

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