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Improving your chances of Getting Custody
Improving your chances of Getting Custody

Divorce is difficult, and even more so when children are involved. It is important to remember as parents that you should avoid burdening your kids with situations that are not within their control, and never ask your child to deal with or handle adult issues. Even if you and your ex are spitting mad at each other, the one thing you should be able to agree upon is protecting your children as much as possible.

If you are in a custody battle, below are a few general guidelines to follow that may even improve your chances of being awarded the custody rights you are seeking:

  • Promote and encourage your children to have a relationship with their other parent. Kids need both parents, especially during emotional and difficult times.
  • Allow your children to spend time with other members of your ex-spouse’s family. This includes grandparents, cousins and other family members that can provide additional support and care.
  • Remember that your ex-spouse and her family are still your child’s relatives. Do not speak disparagingly about them in front of your children.
  • If you have been ordered to pay child support, do not withhold the payments as a type of punishment for your ex-spouse. The court will only see this tactic as you depriving your children of the financial support they need.
  • Understand that your ex is allowed to have a certain amount of privacy with your children. Don’t ask your children to give you a detailed report about everything going on in your ex’s life, especially if it is really none of your business. As long as your child is not in danger, try not to control your child’s time with the other parent.
  • Once a custody order is in place, follow its terms and obey the orders of the court. You don’t want your ex to drag you back to court claiming you are in violation of the custody order.
  • Never take your children out of town without obtaining written permission from the other parent or pursuant to the terms of a court order.
  • Always put your child’s best interests as the top priority.

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