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Is Marriage an Old-Fashioned Tradition?
Is Marriage an Old-Fashioned Tradition?

“I think we have to make our own rules,” Diaz explains. “I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer.”

38-year-old Cameron Diaz recently shares with Elle Magazine, “I think a lot of people are married to people that they’re not romantic with any more. I just didn’t ever marry anybody that I then had to get divorced from. We break up. We move on.” Click here to view the theaterical trailer of Diaz’s new movie, Bad Teacher, in which she co-stars with ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.

Eva Mendes has also shared her thoughts on why marriage is not as necessary as society makes it and dismissed it as a ‘very old tradition’. The bombshell actress, who’s been dating filmmaker George Augusto for almost a decade, insists that she will never walk down the aisle – because married life is ‘boring’.

“I just don’t think marriage is necessary, as necessary as society makes it. And I don’t have a negative point of view on it. I just think it’s a very old tradition and if you look back to what marriage symbolizes in the first place… it has nothing to do with why we get married today,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

Other celebrities have publicly announced their views on marriage in today’s society. They speak out on how marriage today clings to outdated notions, especially as it applies to the definition of the picturesque married couple.

Stars like Jason Mraz, Brangelina, Natalie Portman and Ricky Martin have nothing against the idea of creating a legal and long lasting union, but have refused to walk down that aisle until Congress, or at least state legislatures, say that gay couples can marry too.

Charlize Theron gave the same rational every time someone asked her why she and ex-boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, weren’t getting married. “I don’t want to get married because right now the institution of marriage feels very one-sided, and I want to live in a country where we all have equal rights,” she told PopEater. “I have so many friends who are gays and lesbians who would so badly want to get married, that I wouldn’t be able to sleep with myself.”

Attorney Jeffrey Feulner and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm believe that the choice to wed or not to wed lies with the individual. It is important to put forth your own unique circumstances rather than allow outside influences to dictate your lifestyle and personal choices. Everyone has options and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm is here to assist you with any and all legal needs you may be faced with. Even though some couples cannot or choose not to wed, domestic partnership agreements can be drawn up to protect you and your partner’s future. Call us today to discuss your needs further.