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Is your Child Neglected?
Is your Child Neglected?

According to ABC News, a Louisiana mother will be facing charges of negligent-homicide for leaving her small children at home for hours while she went to get her hair styled. While the mother was away, the house caught on fire and her 3-year old son and 4-year old daughter were killed.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal Deputy Chief reported that the mother was 21 years old and she was placed on a 72-hour hold in a Shreveport medical facility. The mother had locked herself inside her vehicle. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

The above story is a tragic example of parental neglect. If you are facing divorce and you have concerns regarding your spouse’s ability to care for your children, you should contact us immediately. Even if your divorce is final and your ex-spouse has full custody of your children, we can help.

Generally speaking, any behaviors by a parent, grandparent or other adult seeking custody or visitation rights that pose a physical or emotional threat to the child’s well-being will be taken very seriously by the courts. In fact, if abuse or neglect is proven, it can result in the court determining that the parent or other adult is not fit to have custody or visitation. Common examples include malnutrition, insufficient medical care or hygiene, as well as physical, sexual or emotional abuse of the child.

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