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I’ve Been Served Divorce Papers – Now What?
I’ve Been Served Divorce Papers – Now What?

In most divorce cases, both parties are aware that the marriage is over. However, it can still be shocking when you are served with the divorce papers. Somehow the finality of seeing it in writing is extremely difficult for most couples.

We understand that this is an extremely emotional time, but it is important to stay calm and obtain the legal assistance you need. It is important to read the divorce papers carefully. We can help you understand what the legalese means and explain what your spouse is seeking. (Limited divorce/separation is not applicable in Florida.)

Florida is a “no fault” state which means that it is not necessary to allege specific grounds for why the marriage is ending. It is sufficient to allege that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” If your spouse alleges that you did something wrong in the divorce papers, it can impact other areas of your case, such as the determination of alimony.

It is important to understand that you have a limited amount of time to respond to the petition for divorce. Failure to timely respond could result in the court proceeding with the divorce without you, including granting a default judgment in your spouse’s favor.

Let us help you through this difficult time. Call us as soon as possible after you are served with the divorce lawsuit. We will thoroughly review the pleadings and answer all of your questions. We will contact the attorney representing your spouse and begin negotiations with the goal of making it an amicable or uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce means that you and your spouse have reached an agreement on all the issues involved in your case, including child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of property. It is also a quicker, simpler and less expensive process.

Whether your divorce is amicable or full of disputes, we are here to help. Contact the knowledgeable attorneys at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm. Our office is located in Orlando, Florida, but we proudly serve husbands and fathers across the State. The firm also serves men out of state with child custody interests in Florida.