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James Caan’s Wife Demands More Child Support
James Caan’s Wife Demands More Child Support

James Caan’s wife, Linda, has declared she needs more money for child support. She claims that James is extremely wealthy and he’s not sharing. More specifically, he told her that she has to stop draining his assets and forcing him to take lesser roles simply to meet her financial demands.

According to Page Six, Caan wrote in court papers: “I am no longer willing to take parts in films and/or television shows which detract from the 50 years I have spent building my reputation.”

Caan also claims that he is in bad health. “I have suffered from numerous medical ailments over the last 18 months which has added extraordinary financial pressures and have left me in poor health,” he said.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, James earned in excess of a million dollars last year from residuals alone. By way of example, Linda claims that James made at least $140,000 from the movie Elf, which is aired repeatedly during the holidays.

Linda also claims that she is entitled to money from The Godfather, including half of the residuals James receives from video games based on the movie.

TMZ reports that the Caans have significant assets. James has requested that the court order Linda to submit a Chagall painting, a Picasso, a Dali, a gold record of Funny Lady and a crossword puzzle by President Clinton.

Through it all, however, Caan tells TMZ he harbors no ill will, saying, “Linda is a beautiful woman who gave me 2 beautiful sons which helped enrich my life tremendously, and I’ll always be indebted to her for that.” In fact, Caan has stated that he would like more custody time with the couple’s youngest son, Jake, who recently turned 17.

“I would like for Jake to spend at least 50 percent of his time with me, as I will be available to parent him and produce the necessary provisions a teenage boy needs,” Caan stated.

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