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Jemima Kirke Divorces, Blames Acting
Jemima Kirke Divorces, Blames Acting

Actress, Jemima Kirke and husband Michael Mosberg divorced in the summer of 2016 after seven years of marriage. Kirke, the daughter of Simon Kirke, the former drummer of the rock bands Bad Company and Free, blamed her divorce on her chosen career – acting.

Kirke is a British artist and actress known for her role in the television series Girls who debuted in the feature film Tiny Furniture. Maybe acting wasn’t Kirke’s chosen profession since she graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. She took the role in Tiny Furniture as a favor to childhood friend Lena Dunham, who is also the creator of Girls. She actually earlier formally debuted in the indie short film Smile for the Camera.

She explained that her much of her life has been about reactive behavior instead of making strong choices. While acting and playing different parts has helped her more closely examine her life choices, she blames acting for her divorce. “I got divorced, and I attribute that to acting.” “And just asking myself, ‘is this really me?’”

“In acting, you are always asking yourself why you do things, why you make the choices you make,” she said. “Everything means something. And so then you start looking at your own life in that way. I’ve learnt a lot more about myself and started to figure out what I really want.”

Kirke claims to have stayed with Mosberg for the sake of the couple’s two children, daughters Rafaella, 6, and Memphis, 4. The couple met during Kirke’s session in drug rehab and married in 2009. Mosberg is opening a rehab center near their former home in Brooklyn.

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