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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck File for Divorce
Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck File for Divorce

Fans everywhere were saddened by the news that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting a divorce. The couple was married for 10 years and had three children – Violet (9), Seraphina (6) and Samuel (3).

According to People Magazine, they were “two different people.” They met and fell in love when filming the movie Daredevil in 2003. Affleck had already won his Oscar for Good Will Hunting and Garner was known for her TV roles on Alias and Felicity.

Garner, who admired Martha Stewart and was interested in being domestic, has always had a strong maternal side. She has always loved kids. In contrast, Affleck was raised in Boston and did not have a traditional upbringing. He was a child actor on PBS shows, then had his career ignite with the success of Good Will Hunting. His professional ambition did not slow down with his marriage to Garner. In fact, he even began directing films.

When it comes down to it, Affleck was gone from home a lot due to his career. This left Garner at home to care for their three children while also maintaining her own career which included her roles in Dallas Buyers Club and Men, Women & Children. Affleck’s time away was detrimental to the marriage.

A different source of People adds, “Ben is a good dad when he is around, but he has so many outside interests and personal issues to get beyond. It had become a bigger problem than either had imagined.”

Another source close to the couple counters that Affleck “was a good husband and loves and cares for his wife and family. He was juggling that as well as his career — everyone knows that juggling a family and career is hard.”

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