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Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Claims the Star isn’t Paying Up
Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Claims the Star isn’t Paying Up

Jeremy Renner’s marriage might have lasted only 10 months, but it seems the bills are endless. Although his ex-wife would argue that you have to pay them in order to feel their pain.

Sonni Pacheco and Renner have had quite the journey during their divorce. Pacheco initiated the proceedings in late 2014 with her petition that curiously included demands for the return of her passport, social security card and birth certificate. She also alleged that the pre-nuptial agreement should be thrown out because of fraud, according to TMZ, and asked the court for spousal support and physical custody of the couple’s young daughter.

Renner and Pacheco eventually finalized the divorce by coming to an agreement regarding the child. The documents stated that Renner would have to pay Pacheco $13,000 per month, and if he made more than $2.3 million in a year, he would have to pay 5 percent of the overage. In return, Renner would retain his Tesla and motorcycle. Pacheco did not receive any spousal support under the terms of the deal, and the two share custody of the child.

Now, it appears that Renner isn’t keeping his part of the deal, according to his ex-wife. Pacheco alleges that Renner is almost $50,000 in arrears on his child support payments and is refusing to pay for half of their daughter’s preschool tuition, which comes to $1,600 a month. Pacheco is requesting the court to order Renner to pay the entire tuition and the back child support.

It isn’t clear if Renner will be on the hook for the school costs. The courts will generally look at a variety of factors when determining whether the tuition is an extra cost above the child support. These include the best interest of the child, the ability of the parents to pay, and the other schooling options available. The court will likely take into account the shared custody as well as whether Renner consented to the child attending the expensive school.

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