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Jersey Shore Star Pauly D is a Dad
Jersey Shore Star Pauly D is a Dad

Pauly D, of Jersey Shore fame, is looking forward to being a father to the baby girl he recently found out he fathered, but the baby’s mother has other ideas. Nardine Saad reports for the Los Angeles Times.

The spiky-haired DJ, real name Paul DelVecchio, revealed this week that he has a little girl named Amabella Sophia whom he fathered during an August 2012 fling with a woman who has been identified as Amanda Markert. DelVecchio met Markert while he was deejaying a gig at Las Vegas’ Rehab nightclub.

Markert, who has posted several photos of the baby girl on Instagram, is living in New Jersey with Amabella. Pauly has yet to meet the child but has announced that he is a dad, telling TMZ, “I’m proud I’m a father. I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.”

However, recent reports indicate that Pauly and Markert didn’t — and still don’t — see eye-to-eye about their daughter.

TMZ reported that Pauly had told Markert to get an abortion when he learned of the pregnancy, even offering to foot the bill because the child was the result of a one-night stand. Markert is allegedly trying to sell text messages of their exchange about the abortion to media outlets and reportedly took Pauly’s money for the procedure but obviously decided to keep the baby, the site said.

The latest is that the parents reportedly filed dueling court documents to gain custody of Amabella, according to TMZ.

The reality star reportedly doesn’t think Markert is fit to parent the child, noting that the 25-year-old has another child from a previous relationship and once worked at Hooters, a restaurant that’s become well-known for its sexual innuendo.

Markert is allegedly demanding child support. However, the DJ still wants some custody of Amabella, though it is unclear how much, and reportedly hasn’t seen the baby since she was born in May.

He’s reportedly peeved that Markert is treating the child as a “winning lottery ticket,” TMZ said, despite reports that said he’s willing to take care of Amabella financially.

Pauly took to Twitter on Thursday following the latest rumors to show that he was eager to take on his new responsibility.

“Sometimes in life things aren’t planned and they may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing,” the 33-year-old tweeted.

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