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Johnny Depp’s Divorce Continues With Restraining Order Madness
Johnny Depp’s Divorce Continues With Restraining Order Madness

In a turn fit for a Hollywood production, Johnny Depp’s divorce has turned into a he-said, she-said affair as rumors swirl around Amber Heard’s abuse allegations.

Heard, who was married to Depp for 15 months before filing for divorce, asked for a restraining order, appearing before the court with a bruised face. She claims that she has been subjected to domestic abuse repeatedly at the hands of Depp.

The judge issued said order and mandated that the actor couldn’t come within 100 feet of Heard. The court also granted Heard the right to reside in the marital home, but rejected her requests for spousal support and an order requiring Depp to enroll in anger management counseling.

But the story behind the allegations is being tried in the press before the courtroom.

Heard has submitted photos of facial injuries and bruises that she claimed were the result Depp’s abuse. During one such supposed incident, Depp was throwing things around the home and screamed into Heard’s phone for someone to contact the police. She was on the phone with a friend who did make the call to the authorities.

When police came, Heard declined to file a police report that would have resulted in a warrant for Depp’s arrest. She instead filed for divorce a few days later.

The couple’s security guards tell a different story. According to another TMZ report, the two guards were outside the main room where the couple was fighting when Heard yelled at Depp to stop attacking her. The guards ran into the room to see the two “at least 20 feet” apart.

Both the guards and the responding police officers agree that there were no apparent injuries or evidence of wrongdoing by Depp. However, Heard has a witness who is adamant that Depp physically abused his soon-to-be ex-wife.

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