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Johnny Depp’s Divorce is Settled
Johnny Depp’s Divorce is Settled

The long nightmare that has been Johnny Depp’s divorce finally looks to be ending.

TMZ has reported that the estranged—and strange—couple has worked out a settlement agreement that will wrap up both the divorce and the domestic violence cases.

In the agreement, Amber Heard is set to receive somewhere around $7 million to end the matter. There was speculation that she wanted a lot more money, and even one note that the parties had originally agreed on $8 million, but she ended up with the lesser amount.

The reason for the reduction likely has to do with the joint statement that was released on behalf of both parties. The couple announced that the “intensely passionate” relationship was over, and that they wished the best for each other. There was also a sentence included about Heard giving away at least some of her new wealth to charity. No specific numbers or charities were named.

Of particular interest was the sentence regarding false accusations. The statement said that “[n]either party has made false accusations for financial gains.” This likely was directed at anyone who believed that she made up the domestic violence accusations in order to shake down Depp for more cash.

Heard reportedly wanted Depp to admit in a public statement that he did abuse her. Not surprisingly, Depp was adamant that he would never say that and maintained his innocence. The above doesn’t confirm or deny the allegations, but it at least attempts to clear Heard of making things up for money. That is likely why the final payout dropped by approximately a million dollars.

The settlement came in the nick of time. A trial was set to begin the same week, so both sides will be spared that expense, both in terms of dollars and bad publicity.

Heard, however, wasn’t saved from taking her difficult deposition. Depp’s lawyers questioned her for seven hours about the details of her accusations and injuries. She maintained that the events happened as she originally stated them.

This divorce was a messy one from the beginning, but their attorneys were able to craft a peaceful resolution. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm can take the same approach for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.