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Joint Custody Won’t Save You From Child Support
Joint Custody Won’t Save You From Child Support

Child support is almost as certain to death and taxes when it comes to a divorce that includes children. While many men assume child support won’t apply to them if they have joint custody, it simply isn’t the case.

Of course, splitting the parental responsibilities will be taken into account when the court determines the payment required. It’s one of a number of factors that help the court arrive at the final number, per, including:

  • Special health or schooling expenses, including orthodontic work
  • If the custodial parent is receiving alimony
  • Whether the parent’s income is consistent or vacillates
  • The increased cost associated with raising older children
  • The value of the parents’ assets
  • Any other relevant reason to adjust the payment in a fair manner

However, it’s important to understand that these factors only carry so much importance. Florida Statue 61.30 dictates a base amount for the payments on the income of the two parents. There is a table codified in the law that allows folks to get an idea of how much they could be ordered to pay per month.

For instance, if you have an income of $4,000 a month and one child, the base amount would be $828 per month. If there are two children involved, the payment rises to $1,288. The court can then use the above factors to determine if it should raise or reduce that amount by up to five percent in order to reach an equitable outcome for both.

Lastly, the court can also order that one or both parents procure health insurance for the child and life insurance policies on themselves to take care of the child in case of an unfortunate event.

If you are facing a divorce where child support could be an issue, visit our dedicated pageregarding the subject for a helpful video. We also feature a child support calculator to give you a general idea of your possible payment. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm of Orlando, Florida is here to guide you through these difficult issues with experience and sensitivity. Contact ustoday so we can assist you and put your mind at ease.