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Keyshawn Johnson Drops the Ball, Getting Divorced
Keyshawn Johnson Drops the Ball, Getting Divorced

Over his stellar NFL career, Keyshawn Johnson was able to haul in and hold on to many footballs, but his marriage is slipping through his fingers.

Jennifer Conrad, Keyshawn’s wife of two years, is moving forward with a divorce. She initially filed the appropriate papers just seven months after their 2014 wedding, but the proceedings came to a halt.

The couple was attempting to work through their issues. However, it appears that something has pushed her over the edge, and she told TMZ that it’s time to move on. The original filing listed irreconcilable differences as the cause of the divorce.

There were indications before the wedding that things may not work out. Keyshawn was arrested in California in 2014 for a domestic violence issue. He has been adamant that he didn’t touch her, but did admit that he grabbed her phone and slammed it on the ground. Keyshawn and Jennifer were supposedly arguing over marriage, casting some serious foreshadowing over the impending union.

The pair have two children. When Jennifer first filed for divorce, she asked the court to grant joint legal custody of them, but it appears she wanted sole physical custody. There was also a request to give Keyshawn visitation rights.

Keyshawn was the top overall pick of the 1996 draft. He was selected by the New York Jets, where he played until 1999. The Jets then traded him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a pair of first-round picks, but his relationship with head coach Jon Gruden soured quickly. Keyshawn finished his career with the Carolina Panthers after a brief stint with the Dallas Cowboys.

The issue of a spousal support or alimony was likely taken care of in their pre-nuptial agreement. These agreements go a long way toward smoothing out the divorce process. The couple can craft an agreement that outlines the distribution of property before they get married. In the event of the divorce, they submit the agreement to the court, and the court will honor it just like any other agreement.

Whether you have a pre-nuptial agreement or not, you should consider letting an attorney handle the difficulties of your divorce. The lawyers at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm are here to help and can answer your questions. Call us today at 321-DIVORCE.