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Kris Humphries Strikes Back With an Annulment
Kris Humphries Strikes Back With an Annulment

As the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians unfolds so does the drama between NBA star Kris Humphries and his now ex-bride Kim Kardashian.

The plot surrounding the 72-day marriage thickens and the TV stations can only hope the ratings improve as a result.  Unsurprisingly, Kris Humphries did not accept the divorce completely peacefully and has decided to counter-file for an annulment of the marriage.  As a result, and despite the lack of kids and iron-clad prenuptial agreement, the couple could be gearing up for a legal battle.

“There’s a clear conflict if one spouse is seeking a divorce, but the other wants an annulment,” says family law attorney Scott Weston, who is not involved in the case. “A judge will have to decide which to allow, which could take many months.”

But a source close to Kardashian says that a battle may be avoided.

“She always wanted an annulment but attorneys were against it so she’s happy that both parties agree now,” says the source.

In his Superior Court filing, Humphries marks the box reading “nullity of voidable marriage” and checks as the basis the box saying “fraud.”  He has said he now feels he was just a pawn in a reality show.

Under California law, a nullity is granted if the court finds that no valid marriage ever occurred. Along with fraud, grounds for an annulment include bigamy, incest, force or if the couple are under the age of consent.

Humphries’s papers say that if he’s denied an annulment then he wants a legal separation – not a divorce.

However, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian do agree on one point in this whole mess: the date of separation, which he also lists as Oct. 31.


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