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Little People, Big World Divorce
Little People, Big World Divorce

According to TMZ, Amy and Matt Roloff, stars of the television show Little People, Big World, have had a very even split. In fact, they have even divided the family pictures that they accumulated over the 27 years they were married. The couple is required to make copies of all of the original pictures and share them with each other.

The Roloffs’ divorce was finalized in April of this year. Spousal support was not awarded to either Amy or Matt and, since their four children are adults, child support was not an issue. They were each awarded half ownership in their farm located in Oregon, as well as R6 Productions, R Pumpkin Productions and Roloff Properties. Both the farm and the companies were featured on the couple’s television show. Amy kept control of her business, Living Large Enterprises, and Matt kept his companies MRE, Inc. and MR Speaking.

Matt was awarded ownership of his two classic VW Bug vehicles and a 2011 Cadillac, while Amy got the 2013 Ford Escape. Their daughter, Molly, was awarded the 2006 Honda CRV. According to RadarOnline, both Matt and Amy were satisfied with the outcome of their divorce. Even the new season premiere of Little People, Big World has shown the breakup to be extremely civil.

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