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Madonna & Guy Ritchie in Fierce Custody Battle
Madonna & Guy Ritchie in Fierce Custody Battle

Madonna, 57, and Guy Ritchie, 47, are waging an international custody battle over their 15-year old son, Rocco. Apparently this is not the first time the couple has butted heads. There have been numerous reports of their difficulties in co-parenting Rocco, even after Madonna agreed to pay Guy $76 million in their divorce settlement.

As TMZ reports, Rocco wants to live with his father, so they have formed a united front against Madonna. Rocco believes that his mother is too controlling, but she also is not very involved in his life. He has been living with Guy in London for over a month (since he left Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour after three months on the road) and feels like it is a more loving environment. Rocco did not enjoy touring with his mom.

“This is far beyond a situation about Rocco – it’s about a situation between Madonna and Guy,” a friend of the former couple tells PEOPLE of their fight. “They don’t have a good relationship; it’s more of a power fight between them and if he can one-up her. This is the best way he can do it.”

Guy appears to be taking the fight seriously, however. He has retained an attorney to battle for custody of Rocco. It appears Rocco is going to need legal help as well because when he refused to return to the United States for the holidays, Madonna obtained a court order for him to return and resolve his living situation. Rocco has not obeyed the New York court order and has also allegedly missed school.

As for Madonna, she has taken to Instagram to vent her frustrations. PEOPLE reports she posted: “It’s possible to be an entertainer and a good mother!!!” as the caption to a throwback photo of her with all of her kids. “Too bad we don’t live in a society where many encourage strong independent single working moms! The next great Frontier!”

She ended the post with a pair of hearts and hashtags: “#revolutionoflove continues #rebelheart4ever.” Madonna, Guy and Rocco are due to appear in New York for a second hearing. We will continue to monitor the case and report what occurs, if they even appear.

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