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Make This Father’s Day a Big Deal
Make This Father’s Day a Big Deal

Dads need to face the facts. Father’s Day doesn’t get nearly the same recognition as Mother’s Day. John McCormick, author of ‘Dad, Tell Me a Story’, explains how fellow dads can make Father’s Day a big deal this year.

According to several survey results:

• Mother’s Day fuels 75% more spending than Father’s Day worldwide.

• 141 million greeting cards are purchased each year around Mother’s Day, compared to 90 million for Father’s Day.

80% of respondents acknowledged that Mother’s Day gets more attention than Father’s Day.

• Industry insiders know that restaurants are packed for Mother’s Day brunches and dinners. For Father’s Day, not so much. Dad is probably back home barbecuing over a hot, smoky grill in the backyard.

So why does Father’s Day seem to take a backseat to Mother’s Day?

Perhaps it’s the result of history. The inspiration for creating Father’s Day came from, naturally, Mother’s Day. In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge approved of the idea of a national holiday recognizing fathers as a way to “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations.”

It doesn’t exactly make this dad want to jump for paternal joy knowing that Father’s Day was created, in part, to remind dads of their family obligations.

Father’s Day feels like an afterthought; a hastily signed card or a last-minute wrapped gift that’s accompanied with a shrug and the usual excuse, “We never know what to get you.”

With dads taking a more prominent role in parenting, it’s time to give Father’s Day its proper due. And the change has to start with dad. No one is going to make a fuss over Father’s Day unless we fathers lead the way. So, fellow fathers, here’s what you can do to make Father’s Day a big deal in your home this year:

• Start campaigning now. At every dinnertime from now until Father’s Day, casually remind the family that Father’s Day is only x days away and counting. Some call that nagging; I call it persistent persuasion.

• To make sure no one forgets, mark the day down on the refrigerator calendar. (Pssst! It’s Sunday, June 15!)

• Be vocal in what you want for Father’s Day. I won’t turn this into an article listing the top gift ideas for dad, as nine out of ten internet articles about Father’s Day do just that. Rather, the important thing to remember is not to utter a wishy-washy answer like, “I’ll like whatever you give me.”

• If you still don’t know what to ask for, give the default answer I always offer when I’m not sure what I want — an uninterrupted, two-hour nap. Does wonders for a father’s disposition and frame of mind!

• If you’re the type of father who doesn’t feel comfortable being the focus of attention or being showered with material gifts, then look for family activities centered around something you like to do. Take in a baseball game, go fishing, tell stories together, or participate as a family in a community service project. These are great ways to enjoy a shared family activity while still making you feel special.

• Finally, when in doubt, you can always follow the golden rule: “I loved what we did for Mom this year for Mother’s Day. Please do the same thing for me!”

Let’s make this Father’s Day a real celebration of fatherhood, one befitting dad’s more prominent parenting role in the family and honoring the contributions fathers make every day to the lives of their children. And dads…this is no time to be humble. Welcome the recognition and attention your family showers on you. You deserve it!

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm wishes all dads a very Happy Father’s Day spent with your children, and we hope that your loved ones make your day a big deal this year.