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Man Files For Divorce Over 550 Cats
Man Files For Divorce Over 550 Cats

We’ve seen a rise of people fighting over their pets in their divorce, but divorcing because of pets is one you see far less often.  An Israeli man decided to call it quits when his wife brought home 550 cats.

The Times of Israel originally reported on the story, saying that the man was not a cat-lover.  But who could love 550 felines scampering around the marital home?

The man told the Rabbinical Court in Beersheba that he was unable to sleep in his bedroom because the surface of the marital bed was constantly covered with cats who refused to lie on the floor.  Additionally, in his divorce request, he complained that the cats also blocked his access to the bathroom and did not allow him to prepare meals in the kitchen, the Hebrew daily Maariv reported. When he sat to eat, cats jumped onto the table and stole his food.

They attempted to reconcile at the request of the rabbinical court.  But, the attempts broke down as the husband insisted he couldn’t live with all the cats and the wife insisted that she’d rather live without her husband than without her furry friends.