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Morena Baccarin Won’t give Divorce Deposition
Morena Baccarin Won’t give Divorce Deposition

Morena Baccarin, star of the television show Gotham, claims that although she wants to speed her divorce from Austin Chick along, she is unable to sit for her deposition. The actress is eight months pregnant with her co-star Ben McKenzie’s baby.

Baccarin’s physician has ordered her to stay on bed rest. The 36-year old says she has a high-risk pregnancy and sitting down to hammer out all the details of her divorce would be “unnecessarily stressful.” As a result, she says it is impossible for her to sit through a lengthy divorce deposition.

Baccarin is still hoping for an immediate termination of her marriage, with an agreement that matters such as child custody, support and the division of assets will be settled at a later date. She states that she and McKenzie are going to get married and she wants that to happen sooner rather than later. According to TMZ, she plans to give her deposition 30 days after she has given birth.

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