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Mother Abandons One Year Old and Husband for a New Life
Mother Abandons One Year Old and Husband for a New Life

On May 3, Good Morning America interviewed Ohio’s “Runway Mom” about her surprising disappearance and the reason she abandoned her family.  The incident occurred on April 17th, when Ohio mother Tiffany Tehan disappeared while she was shopping.  Her SUV was found abandoned with a flat tire and the keys locked inside.  This panicked her family, but Tehan, recently found in south Florida, explained this was a gesture of kindness.  She wanted to make sure her husband could still use the vehicle after she ran away with Tre Hutcherson, a 42 year old man Tehan had seen as her way out of her life in Ohio.

Tehan knew she was being selfish by leaving, but she felt her one year old daughter, Lexie, would be fine with her husband.  She didn’t think anyone would try looking for her, but her family did not expect that she would be irresponsible enough to leave them behind in an act of passion.  Tehan was even photographed in South Florida in the weeks after her disappearance, smiling with no remorse about abandoning her child.

When Tehan and Hutcherson were finally found after the FBI got involved, they were not charged with doing anything illegal.  Technically, Tehan left of her own free will and her daughter was left in the care of her husband.  Tehan and Hutcherson will be responsible, though, for paying back all the expenses used for the search.

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm is hopeful that Tehan’s husband, David, shall be awarded full custody of his daughter to protect her from any future problems that stem from her mother’s irresponsibility.  Since Tehan has returned to Ohio, she has only seen her daughter once.  This is further evidence that fathers’ rights need to be enforced and recognized in the courtroom to protect children when mothers are no longer able to provide effective care.

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