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Mother Knows Best
Mother Knows Best

With mother’s day fast approaching the Huffington Post opened up their twitter and asked their readers to tweet the best advice their mothers gave them after a breakup or Divorce.

Benefit from the wisdom of others as we share our personal favorites and see if mother really knows best:

“There are so many people… there will be someone else for you!” – @9kittens

“Run and don’t look back!” – @bromaljais

“A selfish girlfriend will be a selfish wife, a selfish mother, and a selfish grandmother.” – @BrianMcCardie

“If your mom doesn’t approve, they might not be “the one”” – @anishikaj

“When you break up with someone never ever go back again!” – @kruddy

“Mom said you should learn to leave the table when love is no longer being served” – @KenLudmer

“If you thought about breaking up, then you should break up!” – @leschaef

“Be respectful no matter how much it hurts and try to keep an open mind.” – @deadmousesqueak

“Why cry over someone who can’t see that you’re the best thing ever?” – @the_beef_queen

“If it’s difficult, it’s not right, love shouldn’t be hard!” – @MissSoltani

“This too shall pass” – @NinaTalv

“You can always buy new furniture and start over.” – @rm929

“It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken!” – @tracylynngeorge

What is the best relationship advice your mother has ever given you?  Did you follow it?