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National Center for Fathering to Host Father-Daughter Summit
National Center for Fathering to Host Father-Daughter Summit

The National Center for Fathering will host several Father-Daughter Summits in the month of November.

Designed to help fathers and daughters, 11 years old or older, build and maintain trust and understanding, this event is a day of one-on-one interaction between father and daughter where relationships can be strengthened and celebrated.

According the National Center for Fathering, “The primary goal of the Father-Daughter Summit is to engage fathers and daughters in heart-to-heart relationship characterized by openness, acceptance and affirmation. Specific outcomes expected for each father~daughter pair include the following:

Participants will gain an understanding and appreciation for the benefits of strong father~daughter bonds and the unique needs relevant to their own father-daughter relationship.

Each father-daughter pair will open a dialogue that provides a foundation for ongoing communication of issues, concerns, affirmations, and celebrations.

Each father-daughter pair will establish goals for the continuing development of their relationship and make commitments to specific short-term and long-term action steps.”

The Father-Daughter Summit seeks to provide the following benefits:

  1. Creates an environment to break down walls.
  2. Puts tools in your toolbox to connect with your daughter.
  3. Creates an opportunity to get away from distractions and focus on each other.
  4. Realize you’re not alone in the challenge of connecting with your daughter.
  5. Gives benefits of NCF research and insights for you to be the father she needs.
  6. Helps your daughter know what to look for and how to be confident with who is meant to be.
  7. Learn how to continue having meaningful discussions with your daughter down the road.

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm encourages all fathers to take an active role in their daughter’s life and believes that a Father-Daughter Summit will provide the perfect opportunity for opening the lines of communication and building relationships of trust and understanding.