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New Legislation Could Take Burden off Divorcing Couples in Maryland
New Legislation Could Take Burden off Divorcing Couples in Maryland

State lawmaker, Luiz R.S. Simmons, is currently proposing a house bill that will allow couples to remain living in the same house while they file for an uncontested divorce as long as they do not have a sexual relationship for one year.  Simmons states that the bill only removes the requirement that couples must establish separate residences.  The purpose of the new bill is to help save couples money by allowing them to remain under the same roof.  It was reported that this could save couples tens of thousands of dollars a year that they would otherwise have to pay for separate housing in this economic climate.

Benjamin F. Kramer, another delegate, is co-sponsoring the bill.  Simmons and Kramer introduced the bill last month and are currently waiting for approval.  Simmons feels that the new legislation will make a big difference because he understands that Maryland is making it currently making it difficult for couples to get a divorce, a sentiment felt by many couples who have been through the process.  Simmons hopes that this will alleviate the issue of couples not getting a divorce simply because they have no money.  “It’s preposterous,” he stated in a recent article from Gazette Net, “I hope to introduce a little more sanity in Maryland divorce laws.”

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