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New Resource for Divorce
New Resource for Divorce has added a new divorce section of their directory:  Much like the Men’s Divorce Law Blog it will offer current news and gossip on all things divorce from celebrities to law changes. draws its information from across the web and includes videos, articles, and social media sites including Facebook.  Alltopics also rates the articles on popularity and reliability.  So you know if you stumble across a change in divorce laws if its more likely to be real or fake.  While not targeted in any way like our divorce blog it does offer a lot of one-stop-shopping features for someone looking for a quick and broad scope of information on divorce.

Some of the articles answer pressing and relevant questions like: How to tell children about divorce? What tips are useful when one wants to fix the relationship? What happens after cheating? And what could be the reason for divorce among so many couples?

Other topics range from literally dozens of articles about divorce stages, self-improvement, relevant marriage advice, tips and ideas for fulfilment, as well as videos and images of the Divorce section. The more people search and click on the piece of information, the faster Alltopics chooses and saves the news.
It’s a constantly evolving database so if you’re going through divorce it may be worth checking out and adding to your favorites along with the Men’s Divorce Law Blog.