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New Senate Bill 668 Can Reduce Litigation in Divorces
New Senate Bill 668 Can Reduce Litigation in Divorces

Florida Governor Rick Scott just received the new senate bill 668 today. He has until April 19th, that’s only 15 calendar days, to sign or veto the bill. In actuality, this 668 bill will reduce litigation in divorces and reform Florida’s outdated family laws.

Florida Family Law Reform, Inc. encourages everyone to contact the Governor each day to encourage him to sign this very important bill until he makes a decision. Scott can be emailed here. Ask him to sign the senate bill 668 with the email subject line “SIGN SB 668”. You can even call Governor Rick Scott at 850-488-7146.

The Florida senate summarizes the bill as:
“Requiring a court to consider certain alimony factors and make specific written findings of fact under certain circumstances; requiring a court to make specified findings before ruling on a request for alimony; specifying a premise that a minor child should spend approximately equal amounts of time with each parent; revising a finite list of factors that a court must evaluate when establishing or modifying parental responsibility or a parenting plan; prohibiting a court from changing the duration of alimony, etc.”

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