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New Show on NBC Settles Couple’s Disagreements
New Show on NBC Settles Couple’s Disagreements

Following the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics last Sunday, NBC debuted its new game show called “The Marriage Ref,” hosted by stand-up comic Tom Papa.  The show was created by Jerry Seinfeld to give couples a referee and celebrity panel to help them resolve various disputes.  This special preview episode featured two couples, one which was arguing over a pet dog.  The husband’s favorite dog had recently died, and he wanted to stuff it and put it on a mantle in the main walkway of the house.  The wife was horrified by the idea, repeatedly saying “I can’t.  I can’t. No.  I can’t!” when she saw what the dog looked like.

Unfortunately for the husband, the panelists, including Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, and Jerry Seinfeld, agreed that the dog was a bit too creepy, and that if the husband really wants to save it, he should keep it in the attic.  The referee, host Tom Papa, ruled with the panelists when he video-conferenced in the couple.  Lucky for the husband, even though he was outnumbered regarding his dog, he and his wife were given tickets for a resort vacation to thank them for participating in the show.

Overall, this show is a great way for couples all over the nation to finally be satisfied with finding out who is right in their disagreements with each other.   “The Marriage Ref” airs on Thursday nights from 10-11 p.m.  The celebrity panel changes week to week, so stay tuned to see more guests stars, such as Tina Fey, Madonna, and Eva Longoria.

To read more about the show and preview a short clip, check out Ken Tucker’s review over at Entertainment Weekly Online.