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New VW Ad Paints Touching Picture of Fatherhood
New VW Ad Paints Touching Picture of Fatherhood

The blundering father, the ditzy dad, the comically over-protective, or completely invisible from the commercial family entirely.  There are many pictures which advertisers paint of fatherhood.  Volkswagen has decided to challenge all of these in their new commercial running a 90-second spot in the UK that displays a touching and realistic side of fatherhood.

While the concerned father is not completely vacant in safety-oriented car advertising (look no father than the “Baby Driver” spot for Subaru) this commercial adds an almost entirely new dimension.

Showing a father looking after his daughter from birth, to her first date, to moving out of the house it offers a concise look at a sampling of  things a father does for his child in 90-seconds.  This ad goes right for the heartstrings, and even if you’re not in the market for a new car the message likely echos beyond just consumerism.