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New Year’s Resolutions for Fathers
New Year’s Resolutions for Fathers

Now that the ball has dropped, the confetti has been thrown, and the party horns have been blown, you may be sitting down to make some New Year’s Resolutions.  We looked back at what we have covered for the past year and selected some overall themes that you may be able to incorporate onto your list. 

Get healthy with you kids

It is an age-old cliche to resolve to lose some weight, and get fit.  But, with the rising obesity rates in America it is more important than ever to take the first literal step toward wellness.  Don’t hesitate to involve your kids in this process!  From a walk around the block to playing in the park there are plenty of things you can do with your children that will get you both active.  If you need another source of inspiration look to The National Fatherhood Initiative’s Fit2Father pledge.

Plan an at-home dinner night with your family

Fathers have a great influence on the foods their kids eat.  As we previously reported upon one study showed that, “By far the biggest influence on how often children ate out was the number of times fathers did.”  While preparing food and setting the table after a long day at work can seem daunting, your family’s waistlines and mental health will thank you for it.  When we spoke about the positive effects of family dinners studies showed that beyond giving the family a space to talk freely without distraction kids who ate with their parents were less likely do be involved with drugs and other destructive behaviors.

Do something your children will remember forever

It is impossible to replace the role of the father in a child’s life.  Read about what other dads have done for their children in our previous stories: Waving at the Bus, Blind Crippled and Playing in a Marching Band, and Father Quits Job to be at Son’s Game to get inspired.  Remember, when children are grown they do not look back and remember their father through toys and gifts, but the experiences they shared together.  It can cost little to no money to perform a gesture or create an experience that your child will remember forever.

Respect their mother

If you are still in a relationship with the mother of your children, or are co-parenting, children gain more when parents work together toward a common goal rather than struggling against each other.  All Pro Dad shared some benefits children gain when you respect their mother, including: Security, stability, and added perspective.

Talk to your kids

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper than how your child’s day was or what they did in school, make a resolution to really sit down and level with your children about the issues they face.  Even though it may be awkward or difficult occasionally, for you and them, your children need your presence, guidance, and wisdom.  Reaching them may seem impossible at times, especially depending on their age, but you will be glad you did!  The National Fatherhood Initiative previously featured ways on how dads can use text message as one resource to help open up dialogues with their children.


Your resolutions may look very different than these, and you should always custom-tailor any advice to fit your own life and the specific needs of you and your family.  Use these resolutions as possible guidelines to help guide you in self-improvement as a father in the coming year.

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm believes that fathers are an irreplaceable presence in a child’s life, for that reason we stand for Fathers, Families, and Fairness.