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Nirvana Guitar at the Center of Frances Bean Cobain’s Divorce
Nirvana Guitar at the Center of Frances Bean Cobain’s Divorce

As far as musical instruments go, few are more iconic than the guitar Kurt Cobain played on stage during Nirvana’s famed “MTV Unplugged” performance. Now that same guitar may not stay in the Cobain family’s possession, at least if Frances Bean Cobain’s spouse has his way.

The hallowed piece of rock and roll memorabilia is also the last one Nirvana’s front man played before taking his own life in 1994. He had to customize the limited-edition guitar (only 300 were made) so he could play it left handed, which likely only adds to its value.

The issue of ownership will become a hot topic in Frances’ divorce. Isaiah Silva, her soon-to-be ex-husband, “claims she gave him Kurt’s Martin D-18E as a wedding present,” according to TMZ.

Frances filed for divorce from the rock band member in March. The couple didn’t quite make it to two years of marriage despite having spent the last five years as a couple.

This isn’t the only concern in what is becoming a contentious separation. Police were recently called to the marital home to supervise when Frances moved out. Apparently things didn’t go so swimmingly the first time she attempted to leave with her belongings, and the call this time was preemptory.

Considering the large estate of Frances’ father (TMZ reports the number as $450 million), the above antics give suspicion that Silva won’t be shy about fighting for a piece of it. Frances included a request in her petition to name her inheritance, which is a pre-marital asset, to be excluded from the martial property. The law is pretty clear on this topic, stating that property obtained before the marriage by one party is generally considered to be separate property. As with every law, there are exceptions that can be argued, although Silva doesn’t appear to have a leg to stand on.

As for the guitar, the law isn’t quite so clear on how it will treat a gift of this nature. The court would likely hear arguments regarding the timing and veracity of the claim.

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