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Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Calling it Quits
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Calling it Quits

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have had a rocky marriage of 33 years. They have been open regarding Ozzy’s drug and alcohol abuse and cheating, including allegations of his affair with Michelle Pugh, a hairdresser to many celebrities. While this is not the couple’s first time to part ways, with their last split being in 2013, some believe that this time it is for good.

Because they have been married for so long, Ozzy and Sharon’s finances have been intertwined. However, according to the Huffington Post, they are each worth an estimated $220 million. They own a Beverly Hills mansion worth $10 million, plus an estate in Southeast England. Unless they have a prenuptial agreement, California’s community property law will apply and their assets will be split 50/50.

The split was caused by Ozzy’s relationship with Michelle Pugh. When confronted by Sharon, Ozzy confessed and then he disappeared for days. Fortunately, it does not appear that Ozzy has relapsed back into using drugs, but Sharon is not speaking to him. Their children – Aimee, 33, Kelly, 31, and Jack, 30 – are still in touch with Ozzy.

However, Ozzy has recently cut all ties to Pugh in an effort to save his marriage to Sharon. According to Hollywood Life, Ozzy has realized he cannot lose the most important person in his life. As for Sharon, she may be willing to forgive Ozzy, but it won’t happen quickly. She was very hurt this time.

Ozzy, the famed lead singer for the Black Sabbath, was finally ousted from the band when his drinking and drug abuse got out of control. He became a solo artist and later rejoined Black Sabbath in 2012.

As for Sharon, she worked as Ozzy’s manager and helped shape his career. More recently, she has been a host of The Talk television show for six years, earning $1 million per year. She has also appeared as a judge on The X Factor and America’s Got Talent, in addition to appearing on talk shows.

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