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Preparing for Your Adopted Child
Preparing for Your Adopted Child

If you have decided to adopt a child, it can be an overwhelming process. Whether you chose a domestic of international adoption, it is a long journey. Below are a few things to consider when it is finally time to bring your new family member home:

Be prepared

While you are waiting to bring you child home, take the time to handle tasks that you won’t have time to do later. Getting your “to do” list done can open up time for you to spend with your child. You may also want to take a vacation before your life gets even more hectic.

Research your child’s history

Unless your adopted child is a newborn, he or she has had some experiences before you. It can be very helpful to talk to everyone that has had contact with your child so you can better understand what his or her life has been like. If your child is used to a certain routine or there is a special way your child is soothed, it can make the transition easier. You might be surprised how much having a favorite toy or blanket can help your child feel secure.

Don’t over-decorate

Even though you are very excited to bring your new child home, remember it can be overwhelming to a toddler to walk into a room filled with color, toys and clothes. Consider creating a room that is calming and comforting. It may take a while before your child feels settled, so don’t be surprised if he or she has difficulty sleeping at first. In fact, if your adopted child is used to sleeping in a room with other children, you may want to move a mattress into his or her bedroom for you to sleep on until the child is better adjusted.

Relationship with birth parents

If you have some sort of relationship with the child’s birth parents, it is important to remain flexible. You may have a plan for communicating (such as sending emails or letters), but plans are subject to change. Whatever happens, it is your job to protect and care for the child, not for his or her birth parents.

Support system

It is important to have friends and family available to help when the child comes home. This is especially important if this is your first child. Having a new family member will change your schedule and it is helpful to have a support system in place. Don’t think you have to do it all on your own, let other people help. This is good for them and for your child.

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