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Presidential Fatherhood Pledge
Presidential Fatherhood Pledge

Looking for ways to improve as a Father?  Through the avenues available to him in the White House President Obama has created a website for fathers with the tagline, “Take Time to be a Dad Today.”

From the website:

Fatherlessness is a growing crisis in America, one that undergirds many of the challenges that families are facing. When dads aren’t around, young people are more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, be involved in the criminal justice system, and become young parents themselves.

President Obama grew up without his dad, and has said that being a father is the most important job he has. That’s why the President is joining dads from across the nation in a fatherhood pledge – a pledge that we’ll do everything we can to be there for our children and for young people whose fathers are not around. When you take the President’s Fatherhood Pledge, you’ll receive updates, tips and resources from fatherhood organizations, prominent dads and other supporters of responsible fatherhood around the nation.

Other resources on the site include how to take the fatherhood pledge, resources for fathers such as tips and activities, a blog, and more.  As a father it can be difficult sometimes to find new ideas, or push through tough times.  The Men’s Divorce Law Firm believes in the importance of a father’s role in a child’s life and therefore supports the education of fathers and organizations which promote fatherhood.