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Ramona & Mario Singer’s Divorce Heats Up
Ramona & Mario Singer’s Divorce Heats Up

When Ramona Singer first learned of her husband’s affair, she denied any marriage trouble. However, more information was revealed regarding Mario Singer’s affair with fitness trainer Kasey Dexter, 31. Ramona and Mario’s attempts to reconcile failed and Ramona filed for divorce in August of 2014.

Now the divorce battle is heating up as Mario, 61, has been battling Ramona for control over their marital assets, including their Southhamptom house and their apartment in New York City. Even though insiders claim that Ramona worked hard to earn the money to support the couple’s lifestyle, Mario is going after it all.

According to RadarOnline, Mario is continuing to enjoy a lavish lifestyle during the divorce process at Ramona’s expense. In fact, Mario is seeking to be taken care of financially in the divorce. He has claimed that his business has no value and is cutting down how much he works in an attempt to lower his income. To fill his newly found free time, Mario is hitting the social scene in Florida.

In fact, there are reports that Mario is taking desperate actions to gain attention from other females. He allegedly decreased his age in Facebook by seven years and even posted his cell phone number online in an effort to get dates.

As for Ramona, she’s not going to let Mario get his way without a fight. She feels she has been the primary breadwinner and that she deserves to keep most of their assets. Hopefully, for the sake of the couple’s daughter, the couple can resolve their disputes and move on with their lives.

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