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Reason for Delay in Divorce Trial? Leaky Breast Implants!
Reason for Delay in Divorce Trial? Leaky Breast Implants!

We have seen many reasons for delaying a divorce trial, but the wife of Democratic U.S. Congressman for the Ninth District of Florida, Alan Grayson, shocked many people when she requested a continuance due to her leaky breast implants!

According to the court records, Lolita Grayson was sent to the hospital for chest pains the weekend prior to the scheduled divorce trial. As a result, her attorney filed the emergency motion requesting the trial be postponed. An emergency surgery for Mrs. Grayson was scheduled to remove the leaking implants and scar tissue.

Lolita Grayson filed the divorce papers last year and Alan Grayson responded alleging that their marriage was invalid because she was not legally divorced from her prior husband. The scheduled trial was to determine whether Lolita had committed bigamy. The judge agreed to move the trial date to March.

The Graysons have been married for 24 years and they have five children. Their divorce has been full of drama. When Lolita filed for divorce, she alleged that Alan had failed to pay for the necessary repairs for their 5,300 square foot home in Orlando. She claims that the roof is leaking and the windows are broken, which has resulted in a problem with mold. Alan denies these allegations and claims he spends in excess of $10,000 per month on paying the mortgage, child support and household expenses.

Further, Lolita was granted a restraining order against Alan after he allegedly shoved her. However, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office determined there was not sufficient evidence to file charges.

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